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Hi! My name is Jenna Lou. I'm a stitcher, gardener, baker, crafter, tree-hugger, business owner, homemaker and a Southern Minnesotan girl who has fallen in love with sewing. My passion started when I was taught as a little girl to sew and slowly blossomed into a fulfilling full time career.

Jenna Lou Designs was started in 2006, specializing in handmade handbags and wallets. It started as a one woman show where I did everything from making my original designs, to cutting, to sewing, to constantly having an eye out for the best, most brilliant fabrics. High quality materials are just as important to me as the creativity put into each design. After 5 years in business I could no longer handle the work alone so I hired a couple local ladies to help out. They are fabulous and we make a pretty great team!

I greatly enjoy taking custom orders because it allows my customers to be the designer. My fabric gallery allows you to choose from over 250 fabrics in every color imaginable to meet your individual personality. You can start being a designer today by viewing the online fabric gallery and then send me an email with your request.

Blessings, Jenna

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